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The world is connected to the internet. Are you?

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100% Local

We areCanadian company based in Markham, ON.
We're not an international conglomerate that rips off businesses.

100% Custom

We work with you to create the software you need.
We're flexible, easygoing, and determined to find the best solution for YOU.

100% Affordable

Our prices are very reasonable. This means we're affordable to every business, especially small and startups.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Email us at [email protected] with what you want.


We'll chat with you via video link (to maintain social distancing) and discuss the specifics. All consultations are completely FREE.


We deliver the software! That includes training, setup and maintenance at no extra charge.

Need ideas?

Bring the world to your business

Let us help build you a robust website you like, that works smoothly on mobile devices for the best client experience. We'll provide DDOS mitigation from CloudFlare, and a custom platform to enable your clients to order without leaving your website. We'll set you up with an [email protected], and connect you with the social media that each generaton uses to get more leads.

Automate your company safely

Tired of tech companies nosing through your files and data? Do you pay too much for some SaaS subscription? We can automate your company in many ways, from a custom cloud server to databases to custom software that will speed up your business up to 10 times. You'll finally be able to get rid of those mounds of paper.

Big data analysis

Who are your customers? What do they really want? What price point will attract them? How can you best organize your supply chain? Do you really need that many employees? What are you spending the most time on from start to finish making your product or service? How can you improve reliablity, deliverability, and outreach capability?
Let us help you grow.

What are you waiting for?

Email us at [email protected] for more information, demos or a quote!

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